Just Bee Cuz Honey Farm’s Safe Environment Policy

All guests can be assured that our farm is a safe environment. We are committed to creating a welcoming environment for all humans. The environment and experiences offered will be designed to avoid overcrowding and support all participants to engage positively with their environment. The environment will be a welcoming space that enriches the lives of the persons participating in the setting.

Persons visiting our farm can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. In return, we expect our guests to treat our staff in the same manner.

We are all guests on this beautiful planet earth and we strive to maintain our environment in a clean, sustainable manner. Our experiences are operated in a zero waste manner. Please be conscious of that when you arrive and leave any disposable beverage cups in your vehicles.

We are committed to maintaining our facilities in a clean, hygienic manner. Our food is prepared in a Health Unit inspected kitchen by qualified personnel. We use a local caterer that shares our zero waste philosophy and is very aware of that when she prepares our luncheon.

Just Bee Cuz Honey Farm Photo Waiver

Download our Photo Waiver form here.

The Responsible Traveler Checklist