“Bee Creative” Fused Glass Workshops

Learn About The Art of Glass Fusing

Are you interested in the wonderful art of working with glass? Frances offers workshops from beginner to advanced level.

If you have a group of friends or family that want to enjoy some time together where they will create beautiful, unique pieces of fused glass art we will bring our instructors, tools, and supplies to you. We have plenty of patterns to inspire them or they can bring a picture and we will help them develop their own pattern to use in their project. Participants will learn how to do pattern layout, cut glass, safe usage of a variety of hand tools and an electric grinder. They will then assemble their piece in preparation for fusing in the kiln. Fusing takes about 24 hours in the kiln so pieces will be ready for pick up a few days after the workshop. If you want to discuss your group activity, email or call us and we can customize any workshop to suit your needs.

Private Fused Glass Art Lessons

Frances offers private lessons glass art lessons. Her cozy studio has a capacity of two guest artists at a time. Prices for private lessons depend on the size and complexity of the piece that will be completed. Interested persons can contact Frances directly by email to select a date and time that suits your schedule.

Glass Fusing is a no waste form of glass art.

Before learning the art of glass fusing, Frances worked with stained glass which uses solder and lead came. Using solder and flux was not ideal and good ventilation while working with those items was essential to avoid any health risks. When Frances began working with “warm glass” she found her ideal medium. Working with glass for fusing is cleaner and does not pose any danger from the use of chemicals, Any tiny bits of left over COE 96 fusing glass from student art pieces into other forms such as glass beads, plates, and other arts pieces. Absolutely, nothing goes to waste. Our kilns are very efficient and are operated at low peak times of electricity consumption. This reduces our costs by heating our studio in the winter and reduces cooling costs in the summer.

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