Complimentary Eclipse Event April 8th

Join us at the farm on this special day. Your family can watch the eclipse while wearing certified safety glasses and have a fun afternoon while learning some interesting facts about insects and eclipses, such as will bees stop buzzing during the eclipse? Do flying insects seek shelter during an eclipse and how do birds react during an eclipse? The fun starts at 2pm. The total eclipse begins at approximately 320 pm so be sure to arrive by 245 pm. The total eclipse only lasts a couple of minutes but you are welcome to stay until the partial eclipse ends at about 430 and enjoy some refreshments and snacks. You can even taste some fresh honey and take a quick tour and receive an explanation of what takes place in an apiary. The registration fee is only $25 per family and your fee will be refunded when you attend the event. Certified ISO 12312-2 glasses are provided for you to keep at no charge. Space is limited so register early by sending your $25 etransfer to

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