Update from the farm

Last week when the weather was mild I was able to check on my hives. I ventured out to the apiary with a big piece of cardboard to lay on while on the ground under the hives. I removed the insulation from under the hive stands then removed the bottom board insert. One hive might have suffered some losses, but the rest looked good and when I tapped on the screen, I could hear buzzing which is a great sign. I replaced all of the insulation and made sure they were cozy once again. If a beekeeper has suffered losses, the replacements need to be ordered early because they often sell out. I like to check on mine as soon as I get a nice day in February to prevent being caught in a situation where I need replacements but can’t find any local nucleus hives.

Our new tour and experience dates are loaded into our booking system calender now. Check it out and book early because dates are limited. If you have a larger group, special rates are available and we can customize our activities to suit your group.

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